Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New !ReToX! Main Store @ Snatch City

Last week we found the seals on the old quarantined Snatch City had been breached by… something. 

Records are sketchy as to why Snatch City had originally been sealed; we found abandoned buildings, overgrown mutated plant life and hostile insects. Most strange of all in this modern city was a stone temple with evidence of recent activity of an ancient “Cult of Cthluhlu”. Clearly this is still a mysterious and highly dangerous place.  Of course we did the only sensible thing we could, we moved our main store location right in.

Due to the severe overpopulation on Pulse we not the only ones to relocate, in fact the once quarantined area is now fully populated.  I recently did a full walkthrough of Snatch City that you can see here. Snatch City WalkThru


Ok, ok we get it. You have a new store, get on with it!


New Boots!


Studded Boots are Black Leather Combat Boots with Metal Studded Straps. Also available blood splattered and rusted. Mod/Trans Only $175L

New Bargain Basement!


Every item in the basement is 50-80% off, everyday, all the time.


5 Regular Item Freebees!


You remember the drill, regular items, not hidden, FREE; you just need to find them.


Remember old landmarks bad, new landmark good!

Have a better one,


Friday, February 20, 2009

50% OFF Sale @ !ReTox! and Sn@tch Main stores

Ah Pulse, you have served us well, but even you can only do so much. You have given birth to a beast and her name is Sn@tch. When she is asleep all is well, but when she wakes up its all about her. Don't get me wrong, this kitten brings home the bacon for us, we wouldn't be here without her. Because of that she deserves and needs a new home... The plans for the "Snatch City" Sim are underway. Now we just need to pay for it. ;-) Please join us this weekend for the !ReToX! and Sn@tch 50% off sale, running now through Monday, Feb 23rd 2009. The Sale includes everything in stock at both stores, full outfits, skins, shapes, shoes, accessories, eyes, poses, jewelry, bathing suits, menswear, skirt and pant sets and separates and All new releases. So please brave the lag one more time and pick up some amazing deals.

The new sim will result in new store locations opening up, so if you are interested send me, Roblem Hogarth, a notecard in world with your name so you can be included. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

!ReToX! Update 1/28/2009

The fallout seems to have settled from that last bomb…  -Waves a clicking Geiger counter around -  Meh, close enough. Come out of your shelters, It’s time for your !ReToX!

The store has changed so come on over before we change it again. There are two floors now and the Lucky chair and Mob Vendor are down below. I’ll mark an item free on both floors to get you to take a visit.

New Stuff:

Icarus2 are Steampunk styled with Metal feathers and detailed animated gearbox and pressure gauge.

Mod Trans $200L

Icarus3 are Cyberpunk styled with glowing Crystalline Feathers and spine mounted ZPE generators 

Mod Trans $200L

Please note the return window on the Icarus1 Wings has expired and the wings are no longer available for sale. 

Studded Belts are Classic Punk style Form fitting, sculpted Black leather belt. 3 rows of sculpted prim studs cover the belts. Studs are available in Metal, Black, Black and Red, Black and White, Rainbow, Pink and Pink and Turquoise. 

Mod Trans $125 each or pick up the fatpack of all 7 styles for only $400. Remember these are all trans, so you can gift or split up a pack however you like.

-Switches the screaming Geiger counter off- Looks like a great day to venture out, so come on down!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Finally got some new items up. 
First a couple of steampunk laboratory/Mad scientist items. Felling a bit shagged out? Jump in the Regeneration Chamber. Aetherical Gasses swirl around you as you monitor the pressure
 fluctuations on the brass gauge. $150L

No one seems to know why, but no lab is complete without a Tesla Coil! Low lag animated arcs of  lectrity emit randomly from the reactive dome. $150L

Skull Bandanna is an item I made to go along with my partner Ivey's Rob Zombie inspired outfit "Zombie Motherfucker". (AVAILABLE AT SN@TCH!!!) And because I hate to do one of anything I did a Gas Mask print version as well, Enjoy.

Monday, November 17, 2008


So if you haven’t been to the Magic Of Oz sim you need to check it out. Really nice original take on the wizard of Oz stories. So it got me all inspired to make something… cute? Yes it happens. TikTok is a lesser known character from the L. Frank Baum Land of Oz books and is generally considered to be the first robot to appear in modern literature. (Wikipedia friend…)

TikTok is a highly detailed full prim tiny avatar with AO. DarkTok is his evil brother cause I can only do so much cute ;-) $275L

"That Flickr"

I swear I will get to blogging some of my actual stuff today, but of course more on "That Flickr". GoFugYourSL has a very detailed article here about that Flickr. Of course I had to have a rantgasm about it, but I'll not bore you with it here. They also, in an article about the removal of That Flickr, linked to the perfect simple explanation of copyright I have ever seen. Good place to point the clueless.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Come and have a laugh

!ReToX! answers the Sn@ch Do You Dare-A Designer Challenge

Not exactly how I had planned on starting out this blog, but hey, this is where I started making things in SL. Pictured are a couple of my first creations in SL. Spiked armband on the left and that blob on the right is a boot circa October 2006 respectively. Texturing? Nope none of that, the spikes are white with shiny turned on, lol. Hey I had been in world for like a month, what did I know?


The point is that ALL designers started rezzing out that damn plywood cube, downloading the chip midnight templates and going from there. My partner and I were frankly disturbed at the goings on over at “That” flickr group and were thrilled to find it had been taken down. Sure we all have had a chuckle at this or that coming through the fashion feeds. But publically putting down new designers is wrong on so many levels, especially if you are a designer. Remember how hard it was to finally put it all together and put your first item for sale? Then imagine it being called “Worst Crap from SL & Fash Feed” and seeing designers you respect put it down. If you find that kind of thing funny, I feel bad for your pets.


Or was that first box you rezzed out made of Gold?