Friday, November 14, 2008

Come and have a laugh

!ReToX! answers the Sn@ch Do You Dare-A Designer Challenge

Not exactly how I had planned on starting out this blog, but hey, this is where I started making things in SL. Pictured are a couple of my first creations in SL. Spiked armband on the left and that blob on the right is a boot circa October 2006 respectively. Texturing? Nope none of that, the spikes are white with shiny turned on, lol. Hey I had been in world for like a month, what did I know?


The point is that ALL designers started rezzing out that damn plywood cube, downloading the chip midnight templates and going from there. My partner and I were frankly disturbed at the goings on over at “That” flickr group and were thrilled to find it had been taken down. Sure we all have had a chuckle at this or that coming through the fashion feeds. But publically putting down new designers is wrong on so many levels, especially if you are a designer. Remember how hard it was to finally put it all together and put your first item for sale? Then imagine it being called “Worst Crap from SL & Fash Feed” and seeing designers you respect put it down. If you find that kind of thing funny, I feel bad for your pets.


Or was that first box you rezzed out made of Gold? 

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