Friday, February 20, 2009

50% OFF Sale @ !ReTox! and Sn@tch Main stores

Ah Pulse, you have served us well, but even you can only do so much. You have given birth to a beast and her name is Sn@tch. When she is asleep all is well, but when she wakes up its all about her. Don't get me wrong, this kitten brings home the bacon for us, we wouldn't be here without her. Because of that she deserves and needs a new home... The plans for the "Snatch City" Sim are underway. Now we just need to pay for it. ;-) Please join us this weekend for the !ReToX! and Sn@tch 50% off sale, running now through Monday, Feb 23rd 2009. The Sale includes everything in stock at both stores, full outfits, skins, shapes, shoes, accessories, eyes, poses, jewelry, bathing suits, menswear, skirt and pant sets and separates and All new releases. So please brave the lag one more time and pick up some amazing deals.

The new sim will result in new store locations opening up, so if you are interested send me, Roblem Hogarth, a notecard in world with your name so you can be included. Hope to see you there!