Wednesday, January 28, 2009

!ReToX! Update 1/28/2009

The fallout seems to have settled from that last bomb…  -Waves a clicking Geiger counter around -  Meh, close enough. Come out of your shelters, It’s time for your !ReToX!

The store has changed so come on over before we change it again. There are two floors now and the Lucky chair and Mob Vendor are down below. I’ll mark an item free on both floors to get you to take a visit.

New Stuff:

Icarus2 are Steampunk styled with Metal feathers and detailed animated gearbox and pressure gauge.

Mod Trans $200L

Icarus3 are Cyberpunk styled with glowing Crystalline Feathers and spine mounted ZPE generators 

Mod Trans $200L

Please note the return window on the Icarus1 Wings has expired and the wings are no longer available for sale. 

Studded Belts are Classic Punk style Form fitting, sculpted Black leather belt. 3 rows of sculpted prim studs cover the belts. Studs are available in Metal, Black, Black and Red, Black and White, Rainbow, Pink and Pink and Turquoise. 

Mod Trans $125 each or pick up the fatpack of all 7 styles for only $400. Remember these are all trans, so you can gift or split up a pack however you like.

-Switches the screaming Geiger counter off- Looks like a great day to venture out, so come on down!